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Top 10 Executive Search Firms in APAC - 2022

Executive recruiters are highly skilled specialists capable of optimally identifying the most suitable candidate for management teams. Though HR teams can undertake talent acquisition, the efficiency brought to the table by socialized executive search firms scores higher than any other alternative. With their comprehensive networks, these firms empower businesses to recruit the best executives who bring longstanding experience in diverse industries.

Enabling APAC’s businesses to leverage the top talents are APAC’s executive search firms. Equipped with extensive networks, best recruitment strategies, and years of experience, these firms have a proven track record of delivering on their clients’ needs. By employing their services, organizations are assured that they will be connected to the perfect candidates for their executive positions who bring years of industry experience and vast soft skills.

To help organizations and leaders select the best-of-breed vendor companies, Manage HR APAC’s distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and analysts has reviewed and shortlisted a handful of executive search firms. From offering specialized recruitment support to global companies regarding staffing, executive search, and mid-career recruitment to providing international and cross-border searches, these companies are empowering businesses to stay abreast of the dynamic scenarios in the talent acquisition arena and recruit top talent. These companies are selected based on the user-friendly and innovative executive search services they render to corporates, enterprises, and public sector entities.

We present Manage HR APAC’s “Top 10 Executive Search Firms - 2022.”

    Top Executive Search Firms in APAC

  • en world Japan specializes in recruitment support for Japanese and global companies through full-time professional staffing, executive search, mid-career permanent recruitment, temp contracting services, and RPO services. The Tokyo-based staffing and recruitment company has redefined talent sourcing for both multinational Japanese firms and global foreign-affiliated businesses with a world-class network of executive talent pool and a two-decade old extensive in-house database of skilled professionals. en world Japan aids organizations in their executive search with its talent sourcing solutions and also acts as their recruitment partner at every stage of the hiring process. Specialized in sourcing senior business leaders for leadership roles, en world Executive Search focuses on both commercial (sales/marketing) and corporate (HR/finance/SCM/sustainability) roles across industries like FMCG, luxury goods, automotive, renewable energy, and technology.

  • Evander Group—a leading premium executive search and consultancy services firm from Tokyo, Japan—is steadfastly resolving the linguistic and cultural differences of the Japanese (and Asian) recruitment space. The company, on that front, presents itself as a consulting firm rather than just an off-the-shelf executive recruitment company, thereby ensuring that a client’s specific recruitment needs and issues are discussed and handled with transparency and maximum efforts. Owing to such an approach, within just six years of its inception, Evander Group is able to build a trusting relationship with all their clients by being an extension of their clients’ core culture and corporate values in order to hire the right talents.

  • Since 1985, Hughes-Castell has been a leading search form for international and cross-border searches, with deep depth in many local markets such as HK, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, US, UK, and Europe. Hughes-Castell remains the only legal and compliance search firm with a track record of placements staying for more than 20 years in a respective company. The firm’s philosophy to understand the importance and value of continuity to a company has helped them achieve this feat. In the wake of the spiraling growth of internet and digitalization technologies in the Asian market, Hughes-Castell’s consultants are well-prepared to search and select the best-matched candidates, use both online and in-person (when possible) interviews to screen candidates, and leverage their social/personal connections to access talent and the top potential candidates.

  • Quinton Anthony is an executive search, professional recruitment and organisational consulting firm specialising in the construction, engineering, natural resources, utilities and property sectors

  • Cornerstone International Group

     Cornerstone International Group

    Cornerstone International Group is a leading Executive Search firm, with more than 300 consultants in over 70 offices spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East

  • Auditsi


    Auditsi is a global executive search firm dedicated to acquiring great talent to lead and direct the world's most successful enterprises

  • Boyd & Moore Executive Search

    Boyd & Moore Executive Search

    Boyd & Moore Executive Search helps companies of all industries and sizes engage with the people they need to grow, revitalize or establish their business in Asia and beyond

  • Maxima Global Executive Search

    Maxima Global Executive Search

    Maxima Global Executive Search team serves a wide range of clients from some of world's largest multinational corporations, governments and global banks to hi-tech startups, consulting companies and venture capital firms

  • One Search Consulting

    One Search Consulting

    One Search Consulting is a major player in the executive search industry in Asia. One Search Consulting was established in 2010, with the aim to get the One Right Hire for their clients and secure the One Right Career for their candidates

  • Profile Search & Selection

    Profile Search & Selection

    Established in 2005, Profile is Asia’s leading search & selection firm. They offer bespoke recruitment and human capital solutions to financial services, commercial and professional services clients

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