Jordi Berenguer, Corporate Sales & Marketing Director, AdQualisJordi Berenguer, Corporate Sales & Marketing Director,AdQualis
AdQualis Human Results is a very distinctiveheadhunting and HR consultancy boutique with 35 years of history and know-how, very linked to the personal project of the founder and president Consuelo Castilla. As a breakthrough psychologist, in the late 80’s she identified a significant gap in the Spanish talent recruitment market, inspired by HR practices in the USA. AdQualis is a proof of woman leadership and entrepreneurship, in a world mainly lead by men at that time. As a global HR firm, AdQualis offers a wide range of services around people management and talent development, from selection and recruitment to consultancy, people strategy and the most state-of-the-art technology solutions.

What makes AdQualis more different is itsstrong company values (quality and excellence, transparency and integrity, honestly believing in customer projects, only win-win mindset for customers and candidates), together with its own methodologyespecially created and designed to offer a top-quality hiring process based on competencies framework.This culture is consistently livedwith passion across the organisation, with a team of more than 70 professionals as HR consultants, team leaders, software developers and commercial profiles.Consuelo has always had the willingness to help others and grow with them. Therefore,AdQualis ensures an honest approach and long-term vision both for customers and candidates. We are obsessed with truly understanding the real customer needs and not just blindly providing standard solutions to their requirements without questioning. We feel more confident to assess and guide from a more global and bidirectional scopeto provide real solutions that may not only cover a single position or specific need buthelp companies to execute their HR future strategies widely and sustainably. Our aim is to help organisations and HR leaders to take successful decisionswith regards to people and talent, with the aim to improve effectiveness and productivity.

Our own methodology, together with a multi-sectorial, multi-functional and global scope of work enable us to grow with the market. We develop our internal associatesin line with new trends, new tools, new talent and newly born positions (Chief of Sustainability, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Chief of Staff, Happiness Manager, etc.). We are truly connected with the market and passionately close to businesses and customers. We are obsessed to get to know future talent needs and requirements to be quicker, more efficient and ensure perfect fit between candidates and companies.

AdQualis is privileged to have worked closely with hundreds of local and international customers along its history, participating in a large variety of projects and deliveries. This extensive experienceis regularly used as a valuable benchmark to constantly widen our knowledge and offer fact-based decision-making that may have helped other similar companies in similar situations.

In summary, what makes AdQualis different is our capability to become a truly global HR solutions supplier, with an undisputed expertise within thewhole HR funnel, a long-term vision and digital native. Our honesty and consistency,together with our obsession to work hand-by-handwith our customers and candidates, have made us become areferent in the market.“We present a comprehensive approach towards talent and people management, backed by strong and consistent company values, which enables us to recommend solutions that are positive both for organizations and candidates.”